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Qualified Professionals

We have a team of qualified professionals that ensure a modern and effective notary, totally capable of meeting the needs of citizens and companies.

Special services:

  • Purchase and sale
    • Donations;
    • Qualifications;
    • Divisions of Inheritances;
    • Horizontal Property;
    • Wills;
    • Justifications;
    • Authentications;
    • Certificates and Authenticated Copies;
    • Authentications;
    • Among others.

  • Land Registry
  • Vehicle and Commercial Registry (constitution of companies on-line and registry of corporate acts)

Inventory Processes

At the Notary Office of Ourém you can get advice on the adequate legal means to reach the intended goal. We handle all the documentation (bureaucracy) needed to help you reach your will, namely Registry Offices, Tax Office and City Councils and we draft the intended act according to your will and the law.
"1 - The Notary is the jurist that grants public faith to written documents, drafted in the exercise of his functions.
2 – The Notary is, simultaneously, a public official that grants authenticity to documents and ensures their filing and a liberal professional that acts independently, impartially and by the free will of the interested parties.
3 – The public and private nature of the notarial function is inseparable."
Article 1 of the Notary Statute (DL 26/2004, from February 4th)


  • Real estate purchase and sale;
  • Donation of estate property;
  • Voluntary mortgage;
  • Horizontal property;
  • Certification of heirs;
  • Division of inheritances;
  • Constitution of companies;
  • Increase of share capital;
  • Transfer of shares;
  • Merger of companies.